Garden Isle Townhouses

A new way of life where you are freed from the pressures of urban living.

Don't Be Fooled
this is how it was circa 1974

a sound investment.

A Garden Isle Townhouse is a sound and profitable investment. Your down payment and monthly payments build a cash equity that belongs to you alone. if you decide to sell, it will bring a valuable cash return. You may even borrow against the equity if you so desire it is a tangible asset. Alameda is growing dramatically. New public park areas, schools, shopping centers and fine homes all help make your Garden Isle Townhouse grow in value each day.

maintenance and repairs.

Repairs, painting and maintenance of exterior walls, driveways, walkways, lawns, trees, shrubs, streets no pools are all included in your low monthly dues. Water bills and fire insurance are also paid for out of your Garden Isle Townhouse Association dues. You will never again have to mow a lawn, rake leaves, paint the exterior of your home, trim a tree or repair a sidewalk.

tax saving.

Since you are buying your Town house, all interest payments and taxes that you pay are deductible on your income tax return.

grant deed.

When you buy a Garden Isle Townhouse you receive a Grant Deed Your home is free and clear of any adjoining, attached townhouse. Your grant deed is recorded in your name to your lot with the improvements. You are completely free to sell your home without obligation to your neighbors.

environment and recreation.

Here, at Garden Isle amid sunflecked trees, you can stroll about on grounds that are tastefully landscaped and carefully maintained. Meandering paths manicured lawns and superb architecture all contribute to the quiet beauty of the community. A large beautiful clubhouse provides an ideal meeting place for bridge parties, private receptions or casual get togethers. Game tables, lounging chairs and fireplace complete the picture. For impromptu snacks or parties there's an all electric kitchen available for members. Outside, there's a kiddies' play area plus a huge swimming pool and sunbathing area for adults.


Garden Isle Homeowners Association expenses during construction of living units and before the recreation center is completed.

1. Landscape maintenance
$13.00 per month
2. Water to the individual living unit plus all outside landscape watering.
$4.00 per month
3. Electricity for lighting of outside common area.
$1.00 per month
4. Reserve for outside maintenance of buildings and common area (during construction).
$2.50 per month
5. Fire insurance on individual units plus recreation center and liability insurance on the common area.
$3.50 per month
6. Accounting preparation of tax returns.
$1.50 per month
7. Common area taxes payable only until all living units are complete and all the common area is dedicated to the association
$2.50 per month
  Monthly assessment due on the first day of the month following escrow on the individual unit.
$28.00 per month


Upon the completion of the recreation center the following expenses will be incurred.

1. Managers salary.
2. Assistant managers salary for 4 months of the year.
3. Payroll costs.
4. PG&E gas to heat the pool and recreation center.
5. Recreation center supplies.
6. Pool supplies
7. Accounting preparation of tax returns.


After completion of the recreation center

1. The common facility taxes will be included with the taxes of the individual units. After this transfer of assessment the outside unit maintenance fund would be increased to $5.00.

2. The monthly assessment will be $33.00 per month.